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The Secret Zoo

11/02/2012 23:49


The “Adventure Scouts” live up to their title in this book by Bryan Chick.  Megan goes missing and her brother Noah, along with his friends, Ella and Richie, are forced to try and find her with only a mysterious clue left by a blue bird.

The scouts soon find portals in the nearby Clarksville City Zoo that lead into the dazzling Secret Zoo, a world filled with magical animals and constant, page turning, adventure.  They must team up with the animals and follow the clues towards Megan as they explore this detailed and vivid world.  The story flows beautifully through the City of Species with its synergistic extraordinary animals and humans, reality, and the Dark Lands inhabited by sasquatch.

This is the first book in the series and all of the kids loved it.  We stumbled across this book at a friends house and they offered to let us borrow it.  Within a few days they had devoured it and had me searching for the others in the series.  We are hooked.  I know this review is short, but we don't want any spoilers in this one.