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Throne of Glass!

01/01/2017 12:03

Hello!  After a long hiatus we are back (minus Nox who is busy at college)! 

    Today we are reviewing Sarah J Maas' book Throne of Glass.  Not sure why we waited so long to read this after hearing all the good buzz!  

    The star of the show is Celaena Sardothien who is an assassin forced into hard labor for her crimes.  Lucky for her the Prince, Dorian, gives her a chance to compete to be the new royal assassin against a group of thuggish and general ruffians who happen to be men!  If she wins she gains her freedom after four eyars in service to the crown (as an assassin).  There is some flirting wiht both her trainer, Captain Westfall, and the prince himself.  Trouble strikes when other competitors start dying!  

    I have to admit, I loved Celaena as a character.  She is tough but believable.  Love the series and look forward to reviewing the other books soon!

These images are NOT ours, I include them for review purposes all rights ot author/illustrator!